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Full Pack, Part Pack, Self Pack, Unpack. The Choice is yours

At John Halton Removal and Storage, we pride ourselves on understanding that we are in the business of serving people, not just handling belongings. We recognize that each of our clients has distinctive needs when relocating a home or office. To provide a complete removal service, we also extend professional packing services, alleviating the time and effort our clients would otherwise invest in packing and moving preparations.

Regardless of whether you’re transitioning to a new office or moving to a different home, our packing services present an ideal solution. This comprehensive removal service is designed for those seeking a seamless and stress-free moving experience.


Choose Halton Removals & Storage's comprehensive packing service for a move free of stress. We will handle every aspect of packing for you, along with disassembling and reassembling furniture as needed.


We'll take care of packing your fragile, delicate and breakable belongings, and upon arrival at your new location, we'll offer a Flat Surface Unpack service.


Should you opt for a more self-directed approach, this is the ideal choice. We will provide all necessary packing materials and boxes in advance of your move. You will then have the opportunity to securely pack your possessions, with the suggestion to label each box according to its designated place in your new house.


With this option, we only unpack your fragile items onto flat surfaces


You take responsibility for unpacking all of your items.


Our unpacking services are exclusively available to clients for whom we have also conducted the packing services.


Our premier unpacking service offering allows for meticulous organisation and preparation. You are encouraged to pre-determine the location of each box or item in your new home and provide precise labelling. Our dedicated team will then ensure that all items are unpacked and situated accordingly. Should it be necessary, we are also equipped to offer reassembly and placement of furniture and beds


This service extends to all items we have packed, placing them onto appropriate flat surfaces. Items specific to the kitchen will be arranged on kitchen counters; china will be set on the dining room table; bedding and clothing will be placed onto beds; and clothes intended for hanging will be neatly arranged in wardrobes.


Specialty items like pianos, safes, and clocks are meticulously prepared for transit by our expertly trained team. Delicate items and valuables receive extra attention, as they are wrapped and packed with utmost care. Our approach incorporates the use of superior packing materials and specific packing methods tailored to each item.

​John Halton Removals and Storage can take care of some or all of the packing for your move. We include packing essentials like bubble wrap, brown packing paper, stretch wrap, furniture covers, and wardrobe boxes. Once packed, all boxes and crates are labelled and secured. While our packing process is both swift and efficient, we prioritise meticulous attention to detail and the utmost care. We understand that objects of personal significance may not necessarily be the most monetarily valuable, and we handle each item with the recognition it deserves.

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Moving Within Ireland?

We use specially designed wardrobe boxes for the transport of clothing. Furthermore, chests of drawers can be moved with their contents intact, enhancing the efficiency of the relocation process.

Moving Abroad?

Clothing and linen are meticulously packed and shipped in smaller, purpose-designed lay-flat cartons to ensure their safe transport. Furniture items are separately packaged for optimal protection.